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208 - 2951 Tillicum Road
(corner of Gorge & Tillicum)
Victoria, BC V9A 2A6

Phone: 250.380.6329
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About Us
Nurse Practitioner


Meet Hope Schreiber MSN, NP(F)
Nurse Practitioner
for Women & Families

Note - As of July 2015, Hope is no longer practicing with Access Midwifery & Family Care.

What is a nurse practitioner?

• A nurse practitioner (NP) is a nurse with advanced education and training.
      -NPs are registered with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia.
• NPs act as health partners with clients of all ages.
• We take a holistic approach to keep you healthy and prevent disease.
• NPs also provide some care that was only available from physicians.
      -Diagnose and treat common acute and chronic health problems
      -Prescribe medications, order and interpret tests
• We work closely with other health care providers and can refer to specialists.
Click here for more information about NPs from the College

Target community

• Women, their children and partners who don’t have a primary care provider (e.g. don’t have a GP)
• Priority given to women facing multiple barriers to health
      -Physical issues: poor nutrition, dental problems, drug or alcohol use, smoking, chronic health problems, etc.
      -Social/economic issues: limited English, lack of social support, history and/or current abuse, mental health problems, unstable housing, poverty, etc.

Seeing the NP

• No form to fill out – you don’t need a referral!
• Call or email for an appointment at the Gorge/Tillicum clinic.
• You can also drop-in at Saanich Neighborhood Place (in Pearkes Rec Centre)
      -Tuesdays from 10:00 to 2:00
• Clients don’t need MSP to see the nurse practitioner.
      Be aware that fees for labs, medications and MD care (if needed) will still apply

For more information

250-380-6329 phone
250-380-6436 fax